How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Huge Blog or Website

Coming Soon: 14th April 2018 

My name is Dawn-Marie and I made five figures from one blog post without maintaining a huge blog or website.

I wrote this eBook to show you my blueprint and formula using micro blogs to make five figures in under two months. This was an experiment to see what type of results I could get if I did not have a huge blog or website. 

I realised that a lot of people did not want to create and maintain a huge blog filled with lots of content, but still wanted to do something so simple that did not take a lot of time yet still gave them an opportunity to profit from it.

My eBook is set to be released on the 14th April 2018. Below you will find all the features included in this book.

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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Huge Blog Or Website 

You have probably seen huge blogs boasting about making four and five figures a month. You have probably wondered how can you duplicate the same results but the only problem is, you're not good at blogging.  

Writing tons of content with the hope that people start reading it is not the ideal scenario you had in your mind.  

Maybe you already started working on a blog but you're not that creative or tech savvy to design it. Heck! You didn't really sign up for all of that.  

Or perhaps you have already created loads of content but you can't seem to get your visitor numbers up.  

That's not quite what you envisioned when you started on this whole blogging journey did you?  

Who Am I? My Name Is Dawn-Marie  

I started a digital marketing blog in August 2016 but when I decided to experiment with a new niche, I was turned off by the length of time it would take me to create and design a new blog. 

Besides I had no clue whether anyone would read or click-through to the products I recommended and frankly I did not want to waste three to six months writing content in this new niche that I had no knowledge about. 

All I wanted to do was test a product that I used and loved and wanted to recommend it via a blog post but I was lazy... I did not want to do all the work that building a huge blog entailed. 

So what did I do? I learnt how to create a micro blog, which actually made more money than my huge blog. 

Lucky for you, I wrote an eBook all about how I did it.  

What You Will Learn

Why You Don't Need A Huge Website To Do Affiliate Marketing 

I used to feel that if my blog wasn't big with lots of pages and navigation throughout it, that people would not be interested in reading its content. I was further from the truth.  

What I learnt from this experiment is that people appreciate you just for taking the time to write content to help them solve their problems.  

They really do not care however if that content is found on one page or multiple pages. 

How To Get A Never-Ending Flow Of Free And Paid Traffic To Generate Affiliate Sales 

In my eBook I will teach you the one main traffic source that I used to get visitors to my micro blog.  

I have seen so many new bloggers who spend months creating elaborate sites but then have difficulty getting visitors to their blog. I will show you how you can use free and paid traffic sources to get a perpetual flow of visitors to your micro blog and convert them into paying customers.  

How To Build A Micro Blog In Under One Hour 

Creating a huge blog is great if you're willing to spend weeks or even months building and designing it. You might even spend thousands of dollars to get someone to build a credible looking blog.  

I will teach you why this is not necessary and you can actually start a micro blog in under one hour for less than $40 a month or even as low as $5 a month.  

How To Easily Find And Test Affiliate Offers That Convert  

The worst thing you can do is create a huge blog around a niche that is not profitable. Think of all the time and effort that you spent yet six months later you're still not making money from it. I will teach you how to use micro blogging to test different affiliate niches and offers and immediately see whether it is profitable or not.

How A One-Page Blog Earned Me Over $9k In Affiliate Sales

You will learn how a one page blog earned me over $9k in affiliate sales in less than two months and the exact steps that I took to achieve this income goal.  

I will reveal everything to you in my eBook which comes out on the 14th April 2018. Be sure to get on the waiting list to know when it comes out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this eBook for?  

This eBook is for anyone who wants to learn how to create an income using affiliate marketing without a huge blog or website. The strategies I outline in this eBook can also be used if you want to create a one page ecommerce store to sell a single product.  

Who is this eBook not for?  

The strategies outlined in this eBook require you to take action and implement it to see results. So if you are not a results-driven person and you are not motivated by success then this eBook is not for you.  

What if I already own a blog?  

Great! Then you know something about blogging. But if you have been blogging for a while but have not yet been successful then you'll learn how to use micro blogging to quickly test other niches and see what's working.  

How will I receive the eBook?  

The eBook is a digital download and will be available for purchase.  

However I have decided to give away a preview of the eBook for free. Once you join the waiting list, you will receive an email notifying you of when the eBook is available for purchase. There will be a link in the email for you to click and download the preview or purchase the full copy.  

You will be able to read the eBook on your phone, tablet or other electronic device. You can also print the eBook.  

Have another question?  

Send an email to and I'll be happy to respond to any of your questions.